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Fettarm Green Tea 30 Bags with Sweetener 60 Sachet free
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Fettarm Green Tea 30 Bags with Sweetener 60 Sachet free

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Enjoy your green tea with free sweetener.


Fettarm Organic Green Tea:

- Original Taste of green tea.
- organic tea leaves. 
- Relaxants for the stomach, Comfortable for the large intestine.
- Green Tea are healthy and support a lot your weight loss system.
- Organic green tea contains natural vitamins and Strengthens immunity.
- Green Tea Helps a lot on burn body fats in a healthy natural way.
- Not Contains any ingredients, not contain any medicinal ingredients or pharmaceutical materials, 100% natural.
- Organic green tea in general promotes and supports its burning of calories and curbs the appetite.

one box contain 30 bags.

Fettarm Sweetener:

Fettarm sweetener dissolve rapidly free from sugar, cyclamate, saccharin, aspartame, preservatives.

use it for coffee, tea, beverages and even for cooking or baking.

one box contain 60 sachet.